What is strategic about disinvestment?

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It worries him when the government decides to identify a list of “strategic sectors” for the newly cleared disinvestment policy, Pratap Padode says.


The top 10 profit-making public-sector enterprises (PSEs) (See Table 1) made an aggregate net profit of Rs 1.8 trillion during 2018-19. The other 168 profit-making PSEs made an aggregate total net profit of Rs 66.64 billion. So, 62% of the profits came from just 10 PSEs from the 178 profit making enterprises.

No surprises there to also learn that all 10 of them are from the energy sector). Of the 70 loss-making PSEs, just 10 of them contributed 94% of the total losses of Rs 31.64 billion (See Table 2). The balance 60 contributed a loss of Rs 1.89 billion.