Value added product, classified fly ash

Indian Cement Review

Dirk India, a unit of Ambuja Cement brought a new concept to the fly ash users of the country. It started processing fly ash to get a better and uniform quality with much improved properties. Mayur Pathak and Dr Bibekananda Mohapatra are explaining what the product undergoes to make it superior.

Dirk India (unit of Ambuja Cement) is in the business of classification of fly ash and manufacturing PPC by the method of intermixing. Fly ash is being classified by centrifugal cyclone separators to various micron size constitutes to different grades of fly ash known as Pozzocrete. This Pozzocrete is sold under various brand names of P100, P63 and P60 depending upon particle size of fly ash. P100 (Microfine Fly Ash) is basically used for high performa