Ambuja Cement Shows the Way From No Water to Enough Water

Indian Cement Review

- By Renjini Liza Varghese

Could you elaborate on the progress made by Ambuja Cements in tackling the water scarcity issue in the coastal area of Gujarat and ensuring sustainability amid high salinity levels in groundwater.

Water was a perennial issue for people of Saurashtra in Gujarat even in the 1980s and 1990s with inadequate rainfall and cyclical droughts. Being a coastal area, the salinity level in groundwater was high. Ambuja Cements has the mother plant in this area. Since the supplied tanker water was impure, the risk of water-borne diseases was a challenge. Women had to walk 5-7 km to fetch water for domestic use. High salinity in groundwater also affected the crops, a factor responsible for poverty in the region. That is why we decided to ta