Pick-and-carry Cranes Continue To Excel


Mobile cranes are the third-largest selling equipment type in India after backhoe loaders and hydraulic excavators. According to an Off-Highway Research report, sales of these machines hit an all-time high of nearly 12,000 units in 2018. Among the total mobile crane sales, pick-and-cranes constitute more than 90 per cent and the 96 per cent pick-and-carry cranes sold are of Indian origin. The sales of pick-and-carry cranes have increased by around 41 per cent during 2016-18.

Cost advantage

Pick-and-carry cranes are used for loading, unloading, moving, shifting and erecting material. These cranes are in high demand among all types of mobile cranes due to their broader application range and lower price as compared to other mobile cranes. According to Karan Chec