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The container ship Ever Given, which ran aground while navigating the Suez Canal, is quite symbolic of how COVID-19 has held back growth and run plans aground. The ship, which is 400 m long (equal to the height of The Empire State Building in Manhattan) and 60 m wide with a draught of 14.5 m (JNPT and Mundra have drafts of 15 m and 16 m respectively, while the world's largest container handling modern deep draft ports require a draft of 18-20 m) and a gross registered tonnage of 200,000 tonne, has an all-Indian crew and was carrying 20,000 containers bound from Shanghai to Rotterdam. The 195 km Suez Canal, which was opened in 1869, took 10 years to construct, is 300 m wide at the point where Ever Given has lodged itself. Its predicament is holding back a passage of goods worth $3 bill