Standing Tall

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It’s a new record! Built by construction company Bouygues Bâtiment International,Clement Canopy, a pair of 140-mtowers made of prefabricated concrete modules, has set a new benchmark as the tallest modular building in the world. Previously, the title was held by 101 George Street, a 135-m tower built in Croydon, England, by Tide Construction. Notably, the first high-rise modular tower was built in New York in 2016 by SHoPArchitects.

The specs

Clement Canopy is a residential condominium located on Clementi Avenue. It has a gross floor area of 50,200 sq m, comprising 505 dwelling units spread over two 40-storey blocks and a multi-storied car park with one basement floor. The basement floor, car park and first floor of the blocks are of conventional construction,